rodent control camarillo ca

Welcome to Grayson Termite & Pest Control serving Thousand Oaks & Camarillo, CA

We are a family-run company offering the highest quality and most attentive customer service. We are renowned for paying exquisite attention to detail, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Grayson Termite will perform a complete inspection of your home. We then may offer a custom combination of treatment solutions to help protect your home and property. Grayson Termite's treatments are customized to your home's construction type because each and every home is unique.

Our termite control service program begins with your free estimate. We will provide written specifications, customized diagrams and an inspection report after your consultation.

If termites return following our treatment, we will re-treat the problem at no additional charge.*

rodent control camarillo ca

We Proudly Offer:

•Pest Control - Bugs-Insects
•Pest Control - Termites
•Pest Control - Rodents